Monday, November 9, 2015

Red Mountain Eagle Pow Wow, November 7th & 8th

My friend Linda and I went to the Red Mountain Eagle Pow Wow on Saturday on the Salt River Indian Reservation.  I only had a chance to go Saturday afternoon and what a beautiful sight.

Before the event started the announcer introduced the honored person to give the pray before the Grand Entrance.  I noticed off in the distance a bird flying towards us.  When it started to get closer I could tell it was a Raptor of some kind so I started to take pictures of it as it flew right overhead.  I couldn't believe how beautiful this red-tail hawk was and how fitting to start the Pow Wow.  It was funny the entire audience around me was also looking up and enjoying the view of this magnificent bird in flight.  My friend told me she had goose-bumps when watching the hawk in flight.

I could not believe all the dancers that were there, what a sight to see.  The Grand Entrance was amazing.  We were seated right next to the entrance and I couldn't take pictures fast enough when all the dancers were entering.  Unfortunately being right next to the entrance I had people walking in front of me all afternoon so many of my photos were no good, but I got some good shots :-)

Below are some of the photos from the Pow Wow.  Hope to go back next year and enjoy the sounds, color, dances and food of the Pow Wow.

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