Friday, October 30, 2015

My First Post as a Photographer

I'm so excited, this is my first post to my new blog as a photographer.  My name is Pamela and I have always dreamed of being a photography.  My life took me in many directions as I grew up, became an adult and now I'm looking at retiring in 5 years and photography was not a part of it.

I told my husband about my dream and he purchased a camera for me and gave it to me for Christmas 2014; love this man! :-)

He gave me a Nikon D5200 DSLR camera and of course it's red; my favorite color.  I have not put this camera down since he gave it to me.  I'm out every weekend taking photos of wild life, nature, landscapes, dancers and sometimes just walking the neighborhood to see what I can find.

I started posting my photos on Facebook and my friends love seeing my photos and encourage me to keep going.  I have seen in the last 10 months I've been taking pictures I have improved!

In June 2015 I registered for an online photography class and it was the best thing I've done.  It was iPhotography an international school.  I learned so much I'm still taking classes to improve my art.

I have been a belly dancer for over 30 years and thought I would go in that direction of taking photos of dancers.  With our summers in Arizona being so hot taking photos outside, which is what I love to do, dancer photos were out for awhile.  I started going to Parks and Preserves and taking photos of wildlife and nature.  I found my calling; I can't get enough of nature photography.

Remember my awesome husband?  Well he spoils me rotten, we purchased an RV a couple of months ago so we can travel to wildlife preserves and State Parks so I can take photos.  We have been on two trips and plan a trip once a month.

What I have planned for this blog is to display my work, give my thoughts about photography and my adventures, highlight other photographers, share articles, workshops, classes, videos and more.

To end my first post below are photos from a hike I took with my friends Lindsay and Linda in search of the Wild Horses of the Salt River on October 16th.