Friday, June 16, 2017

Two of My Photos Were Selected!

OMG!  I'm so honored to have one of my photos selected for the Arizona Highways Magazine Friday Fotos theme, but 2!  Wow!!!

Each week Arizona Highways Magazine Facebook page has a theme for anyone to enter their photos. They announce on Wednesday the theme and you have until Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. to enter up to two photos.

I normally enter two and if I'm lucky they will pick one.  This week they picked two!  I'm doing the happy dance!  I'm sure it was an oops but I'm still so happy!!!

This weeks theme was the Colors of the White Mountains.  Below are my two submissions both taken at Fool Hollow Lake when we visited the Lake during Spring Break this year.

The links below the photos will take you to my photos on the Arizona Highways Magazine Facebook page.  Check out all photos when you have a chance.  Our State of Arizona is so beautiful especially the White Mountain area.

 Beaver snacking while swimming

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  1. What an honor! I used to buy that magazine every month and dream of moving to Arizona (lived in Oakland, California). Their photos are the créme de la créme! Congratulations!