Sunday, September 12, 2021

Greer, Arizona Adventure

Rented a cabin in Greer, AZ for a couple of days and WOW, what a wonderful adventure! I was hoping to photograph Elk and never saw one! We saw a lot of deer and was so excited to come across a small herd of Big Horn Sheep!!!

Every afternoon it rained and it was in the 70's the entire time we were there. Loved the weather, lush vegetation and wildlife. Couldn't believe all the meadows and fields of wildflowers. So want to move up there :-)

Here are some of the photos I took on this fabulous trip.

Young Big Horn Sheep

Male Big Horn Sheep

Big Horn Sheep Practicing

Nitro enjoying Big Lake

Big Lake

Meadow of Wildflowers Along Road 87

The grass was so tall you could hardly see the deer

Deer enjoy a snack in the rain

Donkeys across the road from the cabin


River Reservoir near Greer

Gray Squirrel at Woods Canyon Lake

Gray Squirrel yelling at us

Stellar Jay at Woods Canyon Lake

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